Shane Wallis

Senior Pastor

Shane has a unique preaching and teaching style that brings the Word of God to life, exciting people to easily apply Biblical principles to their personal situations. With a shepherd’s heart, he uses warmth, humor and a straightforward openness that draws people into deeper intimacy with God. Shane’s evangelistic focus empowers others to use their gifts and talents to impact Douglas County with a message of hope, healing and restoration. Shane and his wife Tammy are unpretentious and loving pastors who moved back to Myrtle Creek area in 2011. Previously they pastored a successful church plant in St. George, Utah. Shane and Tammy have four grown children, also in ministry. Their vision is to help people become God’s extended hands, so the Kingdom of God will be visible to the community.

Tammy Wallis

Children's Pastor

Tammy Wallis has been blessing people with her joyful and caring spirit for decades. She has a kind and easy-going manner that creates an atmosphere where people feel welcome and valued. Her in-depth training and experience in ministry, along with her unique gifts is a tremendous asset to the Kingdom of God. Tammy has a focus of helping people find their center in God, with a healthy balance on the other key areas of life. She enjoys assisting her husband, Pastor Shane Wallis in his pastoral duties. Together they have successfully pastored people, equipped teams to serve in ministry, provided lay counseling, and most importantly successfully raised four children. They find great joy in spending time with their children and grandchildren.

John Furgson

Worship Leader

I have lived in Douglas County my whole life and have served the Lord since birth. At nine years old, I picked up the guitar and started learning how to play; and with a little help and guidance I was playing songs in no time ( thank you Harold Smith). Worship is our main connection with God, that's why I make it a major part of my life. To be able to play my guitar and sing unto the Lord is an honor and a blessing. My prayer for Harvest Christian Assembly, is to cultivate an atmosphere of worship that takes us deeper and further into new areas in our relationship with God so that we may know who we really are and fulfill our lives for Christ here on earth.